: The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus (Audible Audio Edition): Terry Goodkind, Christina Traister, Brilliance Audio: Books. Magda Searus was both the first Confessor to ever exist and the inaugural Mother Confessor of the Midlands. Prior to being magically altered, Lady Searus was. The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus is a novel by Terry Goodkind released exclusively in e-book format. It serves as a prequel to the Sword of.

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This book fills in many of those details and does something even better; leaves sdarus out and even adds to them. We learn more of the hierarchy of the wizard world, such as wizards named as makers, who conceive radical and rather unimaginable ideas, such as wizard Merritt. I have to believe that my feelings were in part because Mr.

For a fan of the Sword of Truth, this is a must read. Afterall, in my own opinion, Goodkind always delivers a good story. See and discover other items: Apart from individually-numbered copies of a Limited Collector’s Edition [3] it was originally exclusively available as E-book and Audiobook.

Though some questioned why the First Wizard would sarus a commoner, who also happened to be ungifted, Lady Searus came to be known as a person of conscience, who used her high standing as the wife of the First Wizard, to speak before the Central Council of the Midlands on behalf of the smaller nations who rarely had a voice in the council chambers. My brother actually saw it on shelf frst and called to give figst smack about not telling him about. Shade Richard A Knaak Halo: Beyond the quantity of chapters in pages: The biggest problem I had with this book was the writing, mostly because there was too magad of it.

Not sure if only to blame the writing for this but when two characters meet kagda there’s half a page of description of someone’s eyes I can’t really take it seriously.

I cannot grasp why one cannot differentiate between the emotional and reasonable cognition involved. I think that the story would’ve helped with different point of views to progress the story better which it would help give opportunities for emotions all the characters and action sequences.


It’s not a very good example of Goodkind’s skill as a writer, or a storyteller, though old fans will enjoy his return to form, even if it’s not as well written as his cnfessor works have been.

Sauron, the Dark Lord, has gathered to him all the Rings of Power – the means by which he intends to rule Middle-earth.

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Magda is a great character although she was your typical damsel in distress more than once. I know that it seems like I’m just tearing this book to shreds here, but I actually did enjoy it quite a bit. Beautifully crafted, and impossible to put down. Confesor story was there, buried among really bad and repetitive writing, page after page of regurgitating the same thing. Quotes from The First Confessor.

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I know Terry has a tendency to write a lot of dialog in which I don’t mind, but give me some action to balance it out! Following Lothain’s failure, it fell to Baraccus as the First Wizard to hand pick the wizards he thought capable of entering the Temple and fixing the damage.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Since I love the years newer characters, I didn’t mind. He keeps talking about how strong, intelligent, and rational she is while everything she does is stupid, weak and irrational. The First Confessor had that something, whereas the other two did not. If you’re going to explain magdz, do it the right way, and actually tell people how something works.

And with all the explanations we got, I wanted to know what would happen if Mayda used her Confessor power on an innocent person. The story started off well – the world and background were very interesting. But is asking for both too much? See all customer images. This book is a prequel to the eleven book Sword of Truth series, but I would say that you have to read all of those books first to fully appreciate this one.

Now they are together again, though each holds secrets from the others in his heart.


Even though this wasn’t th the main characters, Richard and Kahlan, I was just as interested in the characters and eager to know more about them. The first chapter of the book is now online: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Either that or he thinks we’re all idiots and need to be told the same thing over and over again until it sinks in.

But if you’re going to instead give me eight pages of technical jargon that is utterly meaningless and tell me that it’s an explanation on how your magic system works, you’re doing it wrong. Whether that is true or just internet speculation at its worst remains to be seen. That is where the story lies, in the subtleties of the future.

I understand his desires not to have publishers pushing him around and forcing him to change his stories, however, without the benefit of professional editorial services and copyediting, you get a mess. It was made to be such a big deal, but really, beyond ferreting out spies, what good is it?

Magda Searus

No trivia or quizzes yet. I also thought she had her arrogant moments, though she kept insisting she was a “nobody”.

The First Confessor conffessor rife with amateur writing mistakes — mistakes which a writer whose books I have read and re-read dozens of times should not be committing. But fate has chosen him for a different pat Indeed, if The First Confessor had been of the same style, he would have lost at least one fan forever not that is probably means anything to Goodkind.

There was a scene at about the 50th chapter where Magda summarised the previous 49 chapters with a uprising amount of detail in just a few paragraphs of dialogue. Both Magda and Merrit were revered as legendary for millennia after their tge, and were immortalized with giant statues in their likeness being built in the Confessor’s Palace.