The re-release of Allan Sekula’s seminal book critiquing the bond between capitalism and representations of material culture. Photography has. Ohio Arts Council. ERRATA Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data Page For Read Sekula, Allan Photography against the grain x, line 29 an overt a covert. Photography against the grain: essays and photo works, Front Cover. Allan Sekula. Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design,

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Allan Sekula, Against the Grain: An Interview with David Campany

We need a historically grounded so- ciology of the image, both in the qgainst realm of high art and in the culture at large. Yet Waiting for Tear Gas offered a wholly different response to the mainstream mythologies. Recently, I was fortunate enough to speak to David Campany, an educator, curator, and writer. The point quite simply is this: Photographs are tge to sell cars, commemorate family outings, to impress images of dangerous faces on the memories of post-office patrons, to convince citizens that their taxes did in fact collide gloriously with the moon, to remind us of what we used to look like, to move our passions, to photohraphy a countryside for traces of an enemy, to advance the careers of photographers, etc.

Photography Against the Grain by Allan Sekula | Features : TANK Magazine

One self-image is pragmatic: And perhaps because it is celebrated as such, reporting itself becomes an increasingly mannerist endeavour. On the upper deck, looking over the railing, there was a young man with a straiv hat. In the Hine photo, a gangplank extends horizontally across the frame, angling outward, toward the camera.


A Hine photograph in its original context is an explicit political utterance. Involved in a more spectacular and less legiti- mate journalism than Salomon’s, both these photographers have a taste hrain cheap theatrics and self-promotion.

No history of culture has yet done justice to this fundamental fact, or can well hope to do so. We can detect its rhythm in advertising jargon and in criticism. Industry and art are two enemies which nothing will reconcile. Leg crushed be- tween cars. Ahmad Ragab marked it as to-read Feb 19, But Galella fills the role of photographer in a loose and nervous way; he is given to garrulous self-justification, as though he felt incapable of standing on his work alone.

gtain The Photoplay reader is expected to fixate on these images not as documents of real events but as embodiments of a moral lesson. We now know that there were always practitioners with this experimental approach, this need to accept the open and fluid basis of documentary photography. I value the critical dialogue with both of them. His work originally appeared in a liberal-reformist social-work journal first called Charities and Commons and then the Survey. A photographic discourse is a system within which the culture harnesses photographs to various representational tasks.

Anti-Photojournalism: Working Against the Grain – In Focus | Tate

It is easy to imagine that Sekula would have supported these new media platforms and promoted the proliferation of the news through collective and grassroots organisations. I saw shapes related to each other.

It is the hasheesh of genius. I think most people don ‘t use the creative talents they have. For the most part, the photojournalist is an anonymous func- tion, a mere agent in a corporate representational againwt. The death of photojournalism may be a myth, but it still buoyed the definition of photojournalism as synonymous with the iconic shot.


In its own time, of course, this piece was hardly an expression of institutional esthetics, but stood as the rhetoric of a vanguard, moving beyond the romantic-symbolist catechism of “genius and the imagination” into proto-Surrealism. Put simply, the photograph is seen as a re-presentation of nature itself, as an photograohy copy of the real world.

Mihail Dinu marked it as to-read Apr 29, He releases the shutter with the compulsive impatience of the slot machine artist.

Photography Against the Grain: Essays and Photo Works, 1973-1983

Instead of calling for an end to the violence, he called for more fighting and more collective action. If we look at a photograph like Neil Gallagher, worked tivo years in breaker.

Just as the television newscaster has evolved from an authoritative institutional voice into a mannered pseudo- independent performer, the photojournalist is being represented as the mythic embodiment of the humanism and daring of the bour- geois news media.

From Hine to W. Robert Wilkie is to be espe- cially thanked for his dedication, patience, hard work, and trips to Ohio during the long process of putting tbe book together. Buchloh and Robert Wilkie, eds.