Authentic Thaumaturgy [Isaac Bonewits] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A real world look at magic from Isaac Bonewits who carries a. Here’s an excerpt from the Second Edition of Authentic Thaumaturgy, my book on magic and religion for players of fantasy games such as. Isaac Bonewits on The Laws of Magic (excerpt from his ‘Authentic Thaumaturgy’).

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Lists with This Book. Steven marked it as to-read Jan 04, This is probably one of the most important of the magical Laws and is directly connected to most of the others. This cue could be a particular word or gestures, the use of a particular magical tool, the observation of a particular sort of magical attack aimed at him, etc.

Every game will have its own rules for other ways that spells can fail, and how badly. Tthaumaturgy exist certain words that are able to alter the internal and external realities of those uttering them, and their power may rest in the very sounds of the words as much as in their meanings.

This Talent could therefore overbalance a game quickly if it became common.

Bonewits presents full yet easily understood answers to all of these. As long as these last two boxed points are remembered, it is likely that many arguments about game magic will be easily resolved. Views Read Edit View history.

Autentic Thaumaturgy

All known errata as of the version date below have been corrected in this edition. This natural force can be converted into and out of the other natural forces, with differing amounts of conversion waste. But these sorts of half-lives, unlike the ones we will discuss in Chapters 8 and 9, represent far too delicate of a variable to worry about in game magic, unless an individual referee may care to wing it on such judgements.


List all instances of a use of a Law of Magic. This is the total amount of Mana Points generated by his healthy body and mind every day and can be calculated by using Formula 5. Although the term is humorous, the talent is quite real.

Authentic Thaumaturgy – Wikipedia

The Fastest Wand in the West that you are a shaman. Still in the original factory shrink wrap, with condition visible through shrink noted.

thaumagurgy Using the AT system, realistic magic-using characters will wind up being more powerful in some areas of game activity than before, but also weaker in others. This should keep the balance of the games intact. Determining Decayed Spell Failure Types. I am not entirely certain why this should not also apply to concepts such as dragons or aliens, but it might explain why few gamers of my acquaintance have normal lives.

No one can pull into himself more mana than his Magical Strength which would fully “recharge” him but can use higher amounts to run spells. Now the use of magic in the game was one of the most appealing aspects, and given the game system it was fairly obvious that aughentic employment could not be on the complicated and time consuming plane, any more than it could be made as a rather weak and ineffectual adjunct to swordplay if magic users were to become a class thaumxturgy player character.

This can occur if he had a high Adjustment Term roll at his old rank and a low one at his new rank. This role-playing game related authsntic is a stub.

There are hundreds of different magic spells, each with a different purpose. Evocation is the Law that controls most summonings. Unless a room has been deliberately drained of mana and very powerful shielding built into the walls, ceiling and floor, there is no way to keep the ether from refilling it with a normal density of mana almost immediately.


Many of these characters are at high levels of magical accomplishment and it would be a shame to have to scrap them just so that the players and referees could change over to the AT system. Magic is the supernatural force, the invisible connection, that binds everything together.

Authentic Thaumaturgy

May show very small spine creases or slight corner wear. Total the probability increments from all factors listed. Bunnyful marked it as to-read Aug 27, Although some of thaumqturgy may have power in and of themselves native or infused their primary purpose is the multi-media effect referred to earlier.

Most game designers seem to cringe from the idea of high-powered magicians thaumatirgy through dungeons casually telling their companions the contents of each room without bothering to open the doors. If giving a male orc an illusion of a pretty? Of course, it can be used with PK proper to produce Levitation. When using Psi Talents across time barriers, the same relative difficulties hold. Magicians trying to work there must first determine the exact sort of shielding present.

Mechanics of MagicThe Mechanics of Magic physically thrown object, until it starts to fall under the influence of gravity.