CGFNS CES Application Form – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The application for the Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) Professional and Academic Report is online. To apply for CES Professional. Applying to the Credentials Evaluation Service 1. If you have never placed an order for the CES with CGFNS, once you login to your CGFNS.

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An extra payment will also applcation needed if your state requires an English exam. Secondary School Information A secondary school diploma or an external exam certificate showing the highest level of secondary education received. I made a mistake on my application as well and I had to work around it.

PS Yes, apparently typing in all caps can sometimes get the point across. Like the previous form, this form needs to be mailed by PRC in an officially sealed and stamped enveloped. May 3, ’12 Occupation: Also, keep in mind that most of the states to date require a SSN so even if you are approved for applicatlon CES you may not be able to continue to apply to that state. A secondary school diploma or an external exam certificate showing the highest level of secondary education received.

Let me start of by saying that I intend to make this a thread to help others more on Filipinos but can be used as a general guide who want to pursue their nursing career abroad, specifically the United States, and need an unofficial guide.

Additional Forms

Must Read Topics 0 Nursing school in Georgia that offer deficiency classes for foreign students. That is something you should discuss with the BON. Does the diploma needs to be validated too if i have a license in the Phils.?


These documents must be in English and must be translated by an official registered translator. Cgfnw do not hold a license in the Philippines.

That is totally fine. Do you have any news is applicatjon is strict?? If the appplication you wish to apply to does NOT require it then that simply means that you do not have to submit your HS diploma. Personally, I do not hold zpplication license in the Philippines mainly due to citizenship issues. Passing scores must be less than two years old. Secondary diplomas can be translated by an applicant or someone chosen by an applicant.

Although, you are still required to list your educational preparation when applying for the state. Would like to add once you submit online application and you realise an error was made you can not change it online but at the moment have to write to CGFNS to get it changed.

fform Jun 14, ’12 From: I am writing this guide through experience and it may or may not contain all of the information needed.

Authorization to Release Information form – If, for some reason, you have a third party to represent you then this form will be needed to give that person the authority to access and make changes to your account.

Most of us will opt for the Professional report since we’ve already completed our BSN and are looking for a license. Assuming you’ve done your research, this is where you apply what you’ve learned about the your state’s requirements in xpplication the specific service you want to avail.

I’m a US citizen but I completed a nursing course in the Philippines. The only validation that is required is with your TOR and, if applicable, your license in the Philippines. When the fees have been submitted you will then be directed to the forms, which can also be accessed by clicking here.


Visit any of the PRC offices to have this forn out. CGFNS can translate documents for an additional fee.

How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES | allnurses

Before you consider choosing the state where you intend to practice make sure you do a little research on the requirements since every state has their own rules and guidelines.

In Step 2, i need to submit a copy of my high school diploma to PRC?

There applocation a part in the application where it asks for your license and if you choose no then you can provide an explanation why you currently do not hold one. Can I be exempted from the English exam?

May 3, ’12 From: Your response will be highly appreciated. If you are applying for yourself and currently hold a license in the Philippines then you will need to worry about 2 forms.

Once you’ve gone through inputting your information you will then reach the part where you choose your service. What if I don’t have a license in the Philippines? This is the ONLY time you will ever mail anything to them directly.

The whole process will applicatiln depend on how soon they receive their documents and their completeness.

With that said, let’s start it off!