Experiencing God has ratings and reviews. As I participated in a group study on Henry Blackaby’s book: Experiencing God, I not only discovered. When we read Blackaby’s words more than thirty years ago, we never imagined the Experiencing God family of Bible studies would become one of the most. I eventually put that material into the book Experiencing God: Knowing and Ten years after its release, more than three million copies of the workbook had.

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The book discusses different ways that God can speak to his people and how each of us can experience Him as couples, in our children’s lives, in the church, marketplace, and His kingdom.

When I read this the first time I was so excited to find someone who believed exactly as I did about the way God speaks to His people. In regard to this Great Book, I have but to say, it is the best gift God has given to man. In one drawing the authors even manage to claim that the Holy Spirit is ogd person, protesting a bit too strongly. The author spoke about making a covenant relationship with church members and also had one or two statements that I didn’t quite agree with. Perhaps, it’s just the workb I have tried numerous times to get through this workbook, and I have just been unable to.

It is his world, not mine, so I am merely a vehicle. Blackaby does a wonderful job at making sure the reader understands that this whole following God thing is not easy and that you will run into hardship and obstacles as you try to follow His will for your life. But eperiencing it we could not know right from wrong.


Experiencing God Workbook (Chinese Edition)

I don’t read that in the Bible as being true. In many areas, the authors are simply contradictory in their approaches, urging ecumenical harmony with other congregations while slamming unspecified ‘cults.

He does not call you to get involved in His activity merely so people can see what you can do. There is no god in Nichiren Shoshu. Blackaby bases his entire theological foundation on the misinterpretation and poor application of several passages in the fifth chapter of the Gospel of John.

Experiencing God – Youth Workbook Revised (Paperback)

My roommate gave me this book because he somehow ended up with more than one copy of it, which happens from time to time with books. Words cannot describe how this workbook and the 12 week Bible study have impacted my life, and the lives of the workbokk I studied it with.

The book also has a closing section with names, titles, and descriptions of God, some simple artwork throughout, and encouragement for the wprkbook taking the course to sign an Experiencing God group covenant! Oct 01, Charles Erlandson rated it liked it. This book is filled with both good and bad theology. The best part about it?

Most Bible studies help people; this one changes them forever.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Find where God is at work and join him there. Joseph, Moses, Daniel, Paul. It will literaly grip you and make you want to put it down because there is no way to get through it without being changed by it. Jan 09, Maya rated it really liked it. May 19, Steven rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Not a terrible book, but I would read carefully if you’re a more “regular Christian” instead of one raised in the church by pastors who became a pastor and whose children and grandchildren are pastors.


Find where God is Other than the Bible itself, which always always always has primacy as God’s word to humanity, this book has helped me the most in connecting with God in an intimate and personal relationship. How they could follow a proven business plan, and it will make them rich. Read more on my blog at: All Christians who have Salvation.

Perhaps, it’s just the workbook form that I dislike.

Experiencing God – Youth Workbook Revised (Paperback)

The book dis We read this book with our Bible study group and it was a good one to dive into with others to discuss. This is an excellent book and I cannot recommend it too highly.

If God heals you, or blesses you in any way – it’s only because He wants you to do some kind of big God-sized work. Did Moses see multiple burning bushes? It seeks to answer the question, ‘What is the will of God, and how do I do it?