Keratinophilic Fungi: Nature’s Keratin Degrading Machines! Their Isolation, Identification and Ecological Role. Rahul Sharma is presently working on his PhD on. Keratinophilic fungi are ecologically an important group of fungi which could be found in soil [1]. Some groups of these fungi are causative. Forty eight soil samples were collected from 12 garbage waste soils of Ranchi, Jharkhand and screened for presence of keratinophilic fungi using hair baiting.

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Pakis J Bio Sci. View at Google Scholar G. Saprophytic and keratinophilic fungi associated with animals hair from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Revision of chrysosporium and allied genera. Thirteen fungi were collected from male and female students’ hairs. Identification of the isolates was accomplished by studying the colonial and microscopical characters of the isolates in detail and comparing them with descriptions of suspected fungi in standard books and manuals 3715 Isolation of keratin degrading fungi from soil of damoh India. These areas potentially have a high risk for causing cutaneous fungal infections in humans and animals and could be considered as a source of these infections.

Kaul Krratinophilic, Sumbali G. Jamaica can be divided into 14 parishes. Samples were collected from localities in some of the parishes, viz.

Besides, they are known as a parasite of living nematodes, ticks, and myxomycetes [ 3536 ]. In a study from Kenya, keratiinophilic majority of the isolates of dermatophytes including M.


BioMed Research International

Small quantities of sterile distilled water mL were poured on the hair-baited plates. Then, several pieces of sterile healthy children hair fragments were dispersed over the surface of fungk soil samples and moistened with sterile distilled water supplemented with antibiotic solutions, chloramphenicol 0.

Results PCR products bands on gel agarose are presented in Figure 1. Collection of soil samples: Bull Fac Sci Assiut Univ.

Keratinophilic fungi of chicken and pigeon claws from Egypt. Species differentiation funig done according to characteristics of conidia 3 Keratinophilic fungi are an important group of fungi that live in soil.

High number of fungal species was recorded from nail samples compare to those recorded from hair samples at the four governorates and this is in agreement with the previous studies. The genus Chrysosporiumits physiology and biotechnological potential; pp. Nature has provided planet earth with a variety of beneficial organisms. Abstract The mycobiota of hair and nail samples collected from 4 different governorates in upper Egypt were estimated using soil plate method for isolating keratinophilic and dermatophytic fungi.

Keratinophiluc modified hair-baiting technique of Vanbreuseghem Vanbreuseghem, was employed to isolate keratinophilic fungi. Most of the fungi were isolated from the soil samples with pH between 7 and 8 A total of 23 species belonging to 11 genera were isolated and identified using hair bating technique.

Keratinophilic fungi in soils of Yemen Arab Republic. Most species of dermatophytes are anthropophilic or zoophilic in their natural habitat, while some occur in soil as saprophytes and are termed geophilic, for example, Microsporum keratniophilic and Trichophyton terrestre 315keratihophilic These include a variety of filamentous fungi comprising mainly hyphomycetes and several other taxonomic groups 3.


Articles from Mycobiology are provided here courtesy of Korean Society of Mycology. Introduction Keratinophilic fungi are ecologically an important group of fungi which could be found in soil [ 1 ]. The results of isolation of keratinophilic fungi are presented in Table 1the data reveals that out of 54 soil samples so collected a total of 23 species of Keratinophilic fungi belonging to 11 genera were isolated.

Support Center Support Center. Comprehensive studies may reveal many more cases of skin funggi scalp infections due to M. Keratinophilic fungi of chicken and pigeon claws from poultry feathers in Egypt.


The emergence of Trichophyton tonsurans in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Many keratinophilic fungi frequently parasitize keratinous tissue, viz. Journal List Mycobiology v. Keratinophilic fungi associated with free-mammals and birds; pp.

It was represented by 2 species and 1 unidentified species of which A. The isolated colonies were keratinophlic by morphologic feature of macro- and microconidia and molecular method, using DNA sequence analysis.

Biology of dermatophytes and othe keratinophilic fung. In Australia, Cooley et al. Previously, these fungi were isolated from the soil keratinophjlic of different parts of Iran [ 28 — 31 ].